Hackers invade Twitter CEO’s account


Hackers on Friday invaded the account if Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

This allowed the hackers to post a total of 17 offensive tweets. The tweets were up for no more than 10 minutes and a little over an hour after the issue was noticed the account was already secure.

But some accounts says some of the gate tweets were up for up to 50 minutes.

The tweets included messages such as “Hitler is innocent” and, using a vulgarity, asked “bald skeleton head tramp,” apparently referring to Dorsey, to unsuspend certain accounts, Times of Israel reports.

Twitter said it was investigating.

The San Francisco-based company suspended accounts that the hacker or hackers retweeted while they had control of Dorsey’s account. It also suspended the account that appeared to be responsible for the hack.

Based on some of the tweets sent from Dorsey’s account, a group called Chuckle Squad was likely responsible. Other than getting accounts unsuspended, the group has not said why it hacked Dorsey’s account





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