Group urges Christians to embrace God


Worshippers at the church
The Founder and President of the Flames International Women’s Network, Apostle Derin Toye, has urged Christians to move closer to God in the face of killings rather than take-up arms.
Speaking during a 2-day fire conference yesterday in Abuja, Toye maintained that God is looking for army of vibrant women who will ignite and spread revival fire across the nations regardless of the persecution of Christians.
She said: “The world and those persecuting the church have seen the lamb side of Christians for so long, but for the end-time revival, God wants the World to see him not only as a lamb but as a lion of Judah and the lion is about to roar through an army that are saying yes lord hear I am.

“The only solution to stopping persecution is for Christians to get intimate with the holy spirit, hearing the heart of God and going to release what God said and when we do this the fear of death will be gone what the early church faced is noting compared to what Christians are facing now.”
Toye said women should start seeing themselves beyond being a mother, wife, home maker, baby producers and the kitchen and beginning to fulfill there kingdom role, adding: “There is no man or woman, sons or daughters in heaven God call us one.
“Most African women are not used to going outside their country to preach the Gospel. However what God is looking for are Women that will hear His heart and take it to the whole world.
“Women are not use to the concept of going to the nations to preach the Gospel, they feel ministry was just about having a little church
She noted that some of the feature of the conference includes how to be more intimate with God and putting ears on God’s heart to hear what He is saying
Pastor Ganiyat Okorie in her remarks noted that the conference that brought women from all over the federation, Uk, Sierra Leone, Kenya among others was aim at raising an end time army and releasing the apostolic anointing upon them.
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