Governors, ministers panic over Coronavirus


Governors and ministers have been thrown into a panic after President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, tested positive for the raging Coronavirus pandemic.

Kyari was declared positive by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control on Monday, which led to Buhari being tested.

Buhari was, however, declared negative.

Kyari swiftly moved into isolation.

He is seen as Nigeria’s alternate president, under whom Buhari placed ministers and security chiefs.

Governors kow-tow to him as he takes decisions without the knowledge of the president.

According to the National Security Adviser, Gen. Monguno, the CoS had even.overruked Buhari on some decisions.

His infection with Coronavirus has raised fears over the future of the Buhari presidency where he has been a stabilising factor.

He had interacted with a number of highly-placed Nigerians, since he returned to Nigeria from a visit to Germany and Egypt, thus raising fears that they too may have contracted the deadly virus.

He had participated in top-level meetings since his return, including discussions about combating the virus.

Also, senators and members of the House of Representatives are jittery over which of them had contacted the disease.

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