By Aduwo Ayodele

When people are pushed to the wall, they learn to choose an option
they were initially unready to take. They find a way to forcefully
create their own breathing space. In facing their pusher, they option
in for what they can do to lay off the oppressing torment. What anyone
who choose to return the pushing to the wall do, is exactly what have
been happening to many nations of the world. People have been pushing
back the frustrations enforced by their country’s leaderships. And
very recently, these risings have increased and their implications
can’t be underemphasized.

When Mandela Nelson said in his book titled Long Walk to Freedom that
‘a freedom fighter learns the hard way that it is the oppressor who
defines the nature of the struggle, and the oppressed is often left no
recourse but to use methods that mirror those of the oppressor." That
at a point, "one can only fight fire with fire" he was literarily
speaking forth the handwriting of this present time.

I take my country for instance first. Nigeria has always been at
crossroads. Of the frustrations, even after a social movement like the
#endsars international protests, Nigeria have continued to witness
leadership insincerity. Insecurity, pranking with constitutional
responsibilities have been every days’ order. Police joke with guns at
the expense of public lives and at the end nothing is done to curtail
the government’s irresponsibility to social demands.

In Myanmar where the military has been constantly interested to
overrule the country, rather than to institutionalize defense,
citizens of the country have taken it upon themselves to openly
frustrate the excessiveness of the military regime which coup-ed into
power in February. It is as a new dawn that the world is turning to a
point that people have to push back even if the oppressor holds
automatic riffles.

On and on, people have been rising. There have been a turn up in
social movements, in Africa, Asia, Europe down to Islands. It means
there is an ongoing global rising. Contentious performances,
campaigns, repertoires and WUNC displays are what we see used to arise
global social movements.

Whether revolutionary, redemptive, alternative or reformative, there
have been an upsurge. There can’t be anything wrong about that.

•Aduwo Ayodele is a Nigerian Journalist. He writes from Ibadan, Nigeria