Foods that make you sick and leave you in pain




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We all know we need to keep our bones healthy and strong. We also know
that, foods rich in Calcium keeps our bones strong.

What we don’t know is certain foods we enjoy, makes bones weak, .

Here’s a list of foods you should not take if you want strong and healthy bones

1. Salty Foods: We all know the kidney removes excess sodium
from our body, and sends it out in urine. What you may not know is,
along with sodium, calcium is also removed. When we eat salty foods,
we encourage the kidney to remove more calcium which should have
gone to our bones.

2. Sugary Foods: These foods fill us up fast making it difficult to
eat nutrient rich foods.

3. Soda: A study in the American journal of nutrition(September
2014 edition) showed that 73000 premenopausal women who took
sodas had a heightened risk of bone fractures. Sodas or soft drinks
( as we call them here in Nigeria) are not good for the bones.

4. Caffeine: For every 100mg of caffeine consumed, 6mg of
calcium is lost. Caffeine removes calcium from the bones. If you’re
experiencing pain in your bones it may be linked to caffeine intake.

5. Alcohol: Heavy and chronic intake of alcohol leads to low
bone mass, decreased bone formation, and increased risk of fractures.

6. Beans: This nutritious meal is a double-edged sword. It contains
Phytates. This chemical doesn’t allow uptake of calcium by the bones.
Beans also contain magnesium, our bones need magnesium.

So how do we get around this?

Soak beans overnight or for at least 6hrs. This helps remove phytic
acid and reduces the number of phytates in the beans.

7. Green vegetables: Green vegetables like spinach, and pumpkin
leaves contain oxalates’. These oxalates prevent the uptake of calcium
and other nutrients into the body.

Green vegetables also contain vital nutrients needed for bone health.

To get around this, lightly cook these vegetables.

This breaks the oxalates in them, allowing you to get the useful nutrients ‘
they contain.

8. Red meat: Protein leeches calcium from the bones. A study
published in the 2017 edition of Advances in Nutrition showed that,
cutting down on red meat and processed meats had a positive impact
on bone health.

9. Nightshade vegetables: Examples of these vegetables include
tomatoes, white potatoes, pepper and eggplant, have been found to
cause bone inflammation(this is injury to the bone) this leads to loss
of bone mass and ultimately pain.

These vegetables also are needed for daily nutrition. To get around this,
you need to increase your consumption of the following:

– Lots of fruits and vegetables,

– low-fat dairy,

– fish and poultry,

– nuts, and

– legumes,

To reduce those pains you feel in your bones, start cutting out or reducing
these things.

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