Foods that make you sick and leave you in pain



Good day,

It’s normal to feel spent and exhausted at the end of a long day,
especially if you hardly got to have any breathing space.

What is abnormal is, when you go for about half of your day,
and you notice it’s a struggle to keep up.

These factors are most likely to blame:

– A high carb diet
– A low protein diet
– Poor sleep the night before
– Artificial drinks
– Gadgets sleeping with you
– A lack of water intake

The challenge with all I have listed is that, many times they are
part of everyday life. In fact, how does one go through a busy
and crazy day without one of these?

Looking at this list, you may think I just can’t get through the
day without doing one of these.

You can and this is how you would do it.

Start your day with a light meal that is rich in protein.

Now, when we hear proteins, our mind immediately goes to
meat, but do you know one of the worst times to eat meat
is early in the morning.

Instead take it late in the morning when your body is ready
to break it down.

So, what other protein sources can you take at this time?

You can take nuts, blended legumes, chia and quinoa.

A light rich protein meal that comes to mind is bean cake
(also known as moimoi), another light protein meal is
Ukwa (breadfruit cake).

Other rich light protein meals are;

– oatmeal with a lot of nuts and seeds.
– yogurt
– quinoa
– Chia seeds
– Akara(make sure it’s not overloaded with oil)
– Humus
– Acha cereal

Of course you can make each of these interesting by adding
fruits, nuts seeds and other interesting sides to each of them.

Having one of these in the morning will help you feel alert
and awake.

This is a whole lot better than the drowsy feeling one gets after
having a heavy meal.

To truly gain the benefits of a rich protein breakfast, you must
have had a good night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep should be uninterrupted by ringing tones
of phones. Did you know the radiation from the phone also
interferes with the quality of sleep you get?

The rays of light alter your brains normal sleep rhythm. So it’s
important to remove phones from your room when sleeping.

If you must sleep with them, switch them off. Phones are a power
house of strong radiations that interfere with your normal brain
function and sleep cycle.

Yes, I didn’t talk about the others, but I’m sure you have a clear
idea of how to take care of the other nutrient stealers.

Which one will you address this week?

It’s your legal Doc

Dr Becky

If you skip breakfast, that’s perfectly ok, but it will be great to give
your system at least a cup of water and juice to help jump start
your day.



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