Five persons arrested with four human heads


Security agents yesterday intercepted five persons, including a lady, suspected to be ritualists with four fresh human heads, along the boundary between Ebonyi and Enugu states.
Though the police and Department of State Service (DSS) have denied the report but an eye witness at the scene of the arrest said the suspects were caught during a stop and search operation conducted by the security operatives, who must have been on their trail after they beheaded the victims.
According to him, the suspects might have left Enugu to Cross River State through Ebonyi State border.

It was discovered that when the suspects made attempt to run away from the scene after the fresh human heads were discovered in their possession, the security operatives shot them on their legs to stop them from running away.
An eyewitness revealed the security agents were seen in bulletproof vests while the inscription of DSS was written on their vests.
According to him, the four human heads were displayed on the highway before the unsuspecting public and motorists, who had crowded at the scene to discuss the incident.
The security operatives later whisked the suspects away to an undisclosed destination.
Source: News



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