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Floral Shorts Suit. PHOTO: Moi Contre La Vie
The last time we spoke, I urged you all to go out there and take fashion risks. How are we doing in that department? Stepping out of your comfort zone could take some time, so I will not hold it against you for easing into adventure. Now that January is over (seriously, it took forever. The month lasted about 6 weeks!) It’s time for the rest of the year to officially kick off, and it will, with some flair. I call this the February Flair.
Our beloved Beyoncé got the ball rolling on the very first day of February by blessing us with a florally-charged maternity shoot to announce the imminent arrival of the two newest members of Destiny’s Child. It got me thinking of a time when florals were all the rage. Four years ago, I was obsessed with the trend and indulged in it completely. The most memorable outfit was a floral short suit with gold accents and gold shoes. This outfit was a hit and it will always go down as one of my favorite looks of all time. When you wear a look that is so significant, it becomes hard to continue with that trend because nothing else truly measures up to the perfection of the standout look. At the risk of laying too much praise on myself, I’ll end it there.

I’m calling for a comeback of floral or foliage print in our wearable separates and/or suits. To modify the trend, I would advise that the prints be more three-dimensional and realistic and less animated/cartoony. In order to ensure maximum utility, I would advise that the floral prints be purchased as wearable separates; a suit for men could work, print shirts, skirts and pants for the ladies could also be a viable option. For the ladies, you can wear the prints together as an outfit or you could use them as separates for a wildcard factor in a demure color/solid color palette ensemble.
The flair doesn’t end there! Next up, is the monogrammed/text graphic tee. While it may seem super conservative and casual, it should be noted that the latest trend with graphic tees, especially with high-end designers, is to include outrageous, explicit messages on the tees. While I’m not urging you to walk around with obscenities spelled boldly on your torso, (I would never! I’m a gentleman!) it wouldn’t hurt to live on the edge a little. The graphic tee is the perfect way to indulge in the failsafe of high-low fashion. Dress down your suit with a graphic tee and white sneakers, or dress up your graphic tee and jeans outfit with velvet slippers (if they’re tasseled, even better!).

Last, but certainly not the least, go for gold. I firmly believe that the power of gold accessories has been underrated and abused for so long. I mean, by and large, we have abused its delicate power by opting for outrageously gaudy pieces that make us look like characters in a gold heist film. Mixing gold accents with a monochrome outfit, dresses it up with sophistication that is effortless and accessible. Guys, be on the lookout for staple cuffs and necklaces that you can throw on while wearing a white button-up shirt and light wash jeans. Girls, if you have white sundresses and are prone to brunches and day parties, throw on some pearls or add simple gold drop earrings, hoops or cuffs to your look to give you the glow of a goddess.
Fret not, I shall be with you just in time for the “Love Hunger Games” or as its popularly called; Valentines Day. Till then, it’s all about being adventurous and whetting your fashion appetite (Fash-petite?) Let’s see how well and how far we go with these easy tips. As always, live fabulously and make no apologies.
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