Fast food outfit gives out 92 devices in consumer promo


In fulfillment of ‘Stick A Stikka’ promise made to its teeming consumers across Nigeria last December, the quick service restaurant brand, Mr. Biggs, last week rewarded Nigerians with 92 devices. They included four LED television sets, four HP Laptops, four Android tablets and 80 Android phones. The promo, which commenced on December 1, 2016, ended on December 31, 2016.
While speaking at the in-store raffle draw event, which held at Mr. Bigg’s Magodo outlet, Lagos, four winners emerged in four regions – Lagos, West, East and North. UAC restaurant’s Managing Executive, Susan Mawer, who was represented by the Finance Executive of the company, Mrs. Oluyinka Abegunde, explained, “Customers were required to make a purchase worth N1000 and above to get a loyalty card and a ‘stikka’ to start the journey to winning big.
The loyalty card had four entries to be ticked upon every purchase worth N1000 and above. Once all four entries are completed, the card is dropped into an in-store box.”

In Lagos, Titus Anita Onu, Joel Okeke and Fecilita Ogbu won LED TV, HP Laptop and Android tablet respectively while Lagos customers also won 20 other consolation prizes of Android phones.
The west region produced Abiodun Olayinka, winning LED TV, Sola Saheed, HP Laptop, Abraham, Android tablet and 20 consolation prizes of Android phones. The east region had Ojeko Endurance take home the TV, while Ikenna Obianuju took the HP Laptop, Felix Olisa, Android tablet and 20 consolations prizes of Android phone were also won.
Meanwhile, the north region produced Grace Aruna as the winner of the TV, while Uche Nwaji and Pamela Vou emerged winners of HP Laptop and Android tablets respectively. Another 20 Andriod phones were also won as consolation prizes in the region.
According to the company’s marketing manager, Eustesia Ogunsusi, ‘‘our customers are dear to us, so we celebrate them at every given opportunity, they are the reason for our existence and ensure brand sustainability and relevance in the QSR space’’.
Mr. Bigg’s had partnered with Coca Cola company during the promo to excite, reward and endear its teeming customers to the brand. Reacting to the statement above, the National Key Accounts Director for the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), Mrs. Adeyanju Olomola said her company was happy to be part of the Mr. Biggs success story and will remain committed to the growth and sustainability of the partnership.
She expressed gratitude to Mr. Bigg’s numerous customers for always choosing to partner with the brand through their continuous patronage, stating that Mr. Bigg’s will keep fulfilling its brand promise of being ‘’Always good’’.
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