Fans blast Omotola, husband over bedroom photo



Nollywood actress, Omotola Jalade and husband, Mattew Ekeinde drew the ire of fans and social media users recently following a half-clad photograph of the couple that was posted by Omotola’s Instagram page.

It was their 27th wedding anniversary and the couple showed their loved up mood and decided to take their celebration to another dimension that didn’t appear to have impressed some of their fans, who took Omotola’s timeline to lash at her.


Omotola who shared the picture did not expect it would be greeted with torrents of comments of reactions from fans who came for the mother of three for posting a near-nude picture, which according to them should not have found its way to the social media space.

Some of her critics said the actress should know better that celebrating wedding anniversary should not push her to lose decorum in her way of expressing love to her captain husband.

Omotola tattooed inscription was seen on her husband’s arm.


A worried fan wrote “What exactly is going on? Must you people remove dress to celebrate wedding anniversary for God’s sake? Let us show spiritual wisdom. This is so unnecessary. Anyway, happy wedding anniversary.”

Another fan also knocked the actress, saying “Showing half of your naked body in the name of celebration is turn off for him and should be condemned by other right thinking people. If we all come on social media platforms to expose our nakedness because we are happy, then we could all go into the street unclad. Omotola is a public figure and should not be seen doing things that would ridicule her personality.”



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