Fact-check: Viral Lagos traffic law is fake!



Findings have revealed that a particular Lagos traffic law currently in circulation is fake.

Gatekeepers News reports that the 2-page Lagos traffic law in circulation is fake and did not emanate from the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA).

The law, which does not carry the official logo of LASTMA nor that of the Lagos State Government read in part,

“Riding a motorcycle against traffic 1st-time offender.
Penalty: N20,000.00
Subsequent offender N30,000.00.”

“Driving a car against traffic
Penalty: One-year imprisonment (1st offender)
Subsequent offender three years imprisonment (repeated offender).”

“Smoking while driving
Penalty: N20,000.00 fine”

“Failure to give way to traffic on the left at a roundabout
Penalty: N20,000.00 fine”

“Disobeying traffic control
Penalty: N20,000.00 fine”

“Riding motor-cycle without a crash helmet for rider and passenger Penalty: N20,000:00 or 3yrs

“Carrying a pregnant woman, an adult carrying a load on her head or a child
below age 12 (on Okada)
Penalty: 3yrs imprisonment with community service and forfeiture of the bike, while such passengers will also be prosecuted.

The law further reads:
“Okada operators will now operate between 6.00 a.m. and 8.00 p.m. where permitted in the state. However, motorcycles of courier companies are exempted with a proviso that they must have an engine capacity of 200cc and must not carry any passenger
Penalty: Risk Punishment (type not specified).”

Gatekeepers News, however, recalled that the Lagos State Government banned commercial activities of motorcycles and tricycles in some local government areas of the state, Monday, 27 January 2020.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotoso, noted that the action was for the safety of the state’s people.

Gatekeepers News after comparing the past directives of the government to purported law dug further by reaching out to authorities of LASTMA.

A very senior official who spoke with Gatekeepers News said,
“This did not emanate from any of our official social platforms as it does not capture the updated information as regards the revised edition of the Lagos Traffic Law.”

“It must be fake,” said another official, “Don’t have any idea where it may have emanated from. The anti-progress people are at work again.”

The general public is advised to disregard this as it is fake and not from the Lagos State Government.”

Gatekeepers News would also like to advise motorists to kindly adhere to existing driving laws in Lagos and Nigeria at large.