Facebook unveils new tool for content creators, publishers






Facebook has introduced a new tool called “Rights Manager for Images” that will help creators and publishers who have a large or growing catalog of image content protect and manage their intellectual property at scale.

Available within Facebook’s Creator Studio platform, the new feature is a new version of the Rights Manager tool which helps people better control when, how and where their content is shared across Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, content creators and publishing houses can customize the tool to cater to different business goals.

The Rights Manager for Images tool uses image-matching technology to find matching content on Facebook and Instagram. When a macthing content is detected on a Page or profile, creators can choose from one of the available actions including monitoring the content, blocking it or attributing credit via an ownership link. In addition,creators can add trusted partners and properties to protect them from matching your reference files.

Notably, creators and publishers can adjust the match settings to specify things like if ownership should apply worldwide or only in certain geographic locations.

Apart from the free content management tools, Facebook offers a fast and effective intellectual property (IP) reporting system, a repeat infringer policy and other measures to help combat infringement on its platforms.

To access the tool, as ins can submit an application for the content they have created and want to protect.



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