Excitement as Dangote refinery inches closer to completion



The equipment for Dangote refinery

“On July 29, the world’s largest atmospheric tower built by Sinopec slowly left a wharf in Ningbo. Following the Maritime #SilkRoad, it will travel to #Nigeria and be installed at the world’s biggest single-train facility – Nigeria’s Dangote Refinery.”


A piece of equipment that will process crude oil for Nigeria’s Dangote refinery set sail on Monday from China, oil company Sinopec said in a tweet.

OPEC is optimistic in Dangote Refinery Expanding Global Capacity. It will refine about 650,000 barrels of crude oil per day at installed capacity.

It quoted OPEC as saying in the outlook that the world is expecting some capacity expansion coming from Nigeria by 2020, either through the rehabilitation of existing refineries – in part to raise their utilisation rates, or through grassroots projects, like the Dangote Oil Refinery.

It is the world’s largest atmospheric tower to refine crude to fuel.The atmospheric tower is the primary unit processing crude oil into fuels, Citac analyst.



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