Ekiti pensioners commend Fayemi over release of N250m gratuity payment


The Nigeria Union of Pensioners (NUP), Ekiti State Council has commended Governor Kayode Fayemi for the release of N250 million to defray part of the outstanding gratuities of pensioners in the State.

The Governor, who upon assuming office in 2018 increased the monthly payment of gratuities from N10 million to N100 million, earlier in the month released N250 million to defray part of the outstanding gratuities.
In an appreciation letter signed the NUP Chairman, Comrade Joel Akinola, the pensioners commended the Governor for the N250million as well as regular release of N100million monthly to offset part of the gratuities owed members, saying it will go a long way in ameliorating their suffering.

While appealing for the sustainability of the monthly release, Comrade Akinola, who thanked the Governor for regular payment of pensions to members, said the regularity of the payment had improved the standard of living of pensioners compared to what was obtainable during the previous administration.

The gesture, according to Akinola “clearly shows the Governor’s love for the elderly, genuine empathy for our members and faithfulness to the promise to offset the outstanding gratuities”.