Don Jazzy’s adventures – From courtroom to taxi driving



Wealthy and highly creative, Don Jazzy is never in want of action!

Whether he is cooking a new project on his musical ventures or engaging in philantrophy, Michael Collins Ajaere is a man of many parts.

Recently, he decided to visit a courtroom to observe proceedings.

He chose to visit the National Industrial Court on Thursday and ended up gushing with excitement.

Don Jazzy took to Instagram to tell his story: “I have always wanted to be in a courtroom. So today I decided to gatecrash and observe proceedings. I was well received actually.

“I was in Justice P.A Bassi’s court at NIC. It was fun and also enlightening. SHOUT OUT to @regina_drs for the hookup.

“Next on my bucket list, I want to be a taxi driver for one week. So one of you taxi companies should hit me up ASAP.”