Deborah Samuel: Group accuses Northern fanatics of plotting riots in South-West



Extremists from Northern Nigeria already in large numbers across Yorubaland are planning violent riots across Yoruba territories, a Pan Yoruba group has warned.

The group said it has credible intelligence that fanatics may exploit the Sokoto gruesome killing to unleash terror on Yorubaland.

Apapo Oodua Koya, (AOKOYA) said killing of Samuel Deborah may spark riots led by Fulani fanatics already hibernating in Yoruba territories, the Yoruba self determination group warned on Saturday.

Apapo O’odua Koya, (AOKOYA) said it has received intelligence reports that some Northern fanatics of Fulani extraction are planning uprising in the South West using the Sokoto killing as an excuse.

“We have received intelligence reports of plans by some Northern fanatics and terrorist cells in Yorubaland to instigate riots. They are holding meetings and planning how to cause mayhem in Yoruba towns,” AOKOYA in a statement signed by Ahmed Akorede, said.

The group said credible intelligence indicated that the rioters plan to use the Sokoto gory event to launch attacks on innocent people across Yorubaland.

AOKOYA blamed the South West governors for giving a blank ticket to Okada riders from the Northern states who have invaded all Yoruba cities even when many Northern states have banned their operations. AOKOYA said it portrays the governors as naive and lacking in wisdom.

“We urge the usually reluctant, naive and hapless state governors to wake up. The livelihood of Yoruba people is at a peril. The Governors should not be blindfolded by parochial political ambition. They should realise that the lives of the Yoruba people are at stake. Yoruba people, women and children who are usually not armed while the Fulani and Hausa residents in Yoruba towns and villages are usually armed with knives and daggers where ever they go, are at great risk,” Akorede said.

AOKOYA said the Sokoto killing is religious but also ethnic. “If Deborah had been a Fulani Christian, they won’t kill her in that manner. What we are seeing is a prelude to greater chaos the Fulani wish to unleash on Nigeria before the 2023 Presidential election to create a state of siege so as to justify tenure extension or a state of emergency in the country.”

AOKOYA urged estates, Community Development Associations, (CDAs), Pan Yoruba groups to work together to form a formidable resistance against the possible attacks by the fanatics.

The group said the terrorists at present occupy strategic places in Yorubaland including Mile 12, Mile 2, Lagos-Ibadan Highway, Sabo in Ibadan and Ile Ife, Ilorin while Yoruba highways and farmlands they have taken over. They also guide Yoruba markets, streets and private homes. This puts the Yoruba at a grievous disadvantage. But with intelligence and careful planning, we can defend and protect our land against violent attacks by those who hate and disdain Yoruba with cruel hatred.”


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