Customsmen kill Okada rider in Oyo


A detachment of Customsmen on Monday allegedly shot and killed an unnamed Okada in Oyo town, Oyo State while attempting to seize suspected smuggled rice from a Toyota Sienna.

The information was related on Twitter by an eyewitness by the handle @omoiyakunmi1.

He wrote: “The blood of an innocent man shed… ?

Barely 20minutes ago, the men of the Nigeria Customs were in hot pursuit of a Sienna bus allegedly carrying rice.

“The customs officers were able to double cross the vehicle right at the front of the Bovas Filling Station. The occupants of the Sienna bus resisted attempts and this led the men of the Customs to open fire on them.

“The bullets didn’t penetrate. Along the line, one of the bullets hit an okada rider…

Onlookers attempted rescuing the man but the customs officer started shooting at them. They sprayed till they exhausted their bullets and fled.

“This happened in Oyo town, Oyo State. Presently, the family and friends of the slain man are at the Ojongbodu Police Station in Oyo demanding justice.”