COVID-19: Before you blame 5G, consider these facts


5G seems to be the new scape goat for the current pandemic and looking
at the information maybe it is. The truth is we’ve been playing with
electromagnetic waves and heavy metals and a lot of things that
(even though they are not as potent as 5G) are slowly eating away at our
ability to live long healthy lives.

This past week we’ve been indoors.

Let’s examine all our habits this past one week of lockdown.

– Some of us have become comfortable with sitting in one place for
long hours staring at our phones
– Some have maintained a hunch back position while staring at the
– Some have even gone as far as staying in bed and becoming glued
to the television screen.
– Some have made the fridge their best friend
– Some constantly have earphones and hands free plugged into their ears
– Some in the name of entertainment have given their children their
tablets and iPhones to occupy them all day
– Some don’t bother to drink water at all
– Some obey the sugar crave and have made the sweet tooth their master
– Some have decide to indulge in fried foods and snacks of all shapes and sizes.
– Some on the other hand find time to move their limbs
– Some have used the opportunity to drink water more
– Some are taking a bowl of salad daily
– Some sit down and worry
– Some discuss all the bad news
– Some cringe on fear in front of the television

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If the lock down continues in a few months some may notice that:
– their center is a bit heavier than normal
– their backs are beginning to ache
– their eye sight is not as good
– their shoulders hurt
– they urinate a lot
– they always feel dizzy
– headaches are very frequent
– blood pressure has risen
– they are having frequent panic attacks

You see, even without 5g, we are unconsciously exposing ourselves to things
that will damage our health.

If you are guilty of any of the habits described above. Don’t be to hard
on yourself. The truth is we’ve allowed ourselves to believe that this is
the only way we can exist and thrive.

I’m here to tell you there is a better way and if you commit to a healthier
lifestyle, you can protect yourself from the dangerous waves that many city
dwellers unconsciously expose themselves to daily.

Simple steps like
– exercising daily
– Drinking at least 8 cups of water daily
– Sleeping at least 8hrs (you have no excuse because you are working from home)
– Eating a raw vegetable daily.
– Guarding your mental health by focusing on positive things .

All the above are doable by you and I.

It’s very important that you protect your mind especially at this time from
negative news and that you stay indoors.

The thing about the conspiracies flying around is that, it will make you worry
and flout some of the health warnings.

Please don’t worry, and take the necessary precautions.

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This is the second week of an active lock down.

Before the week is over, many who may have come in contact with the virus
and are symptomatic will start showing symptoms.

We all know our country is not in the best position to manage a crisis.

Please stay at home and take all the necessary precautions.

I want to see you all healthy when this pandemic is over.

Your legal doc
Dr Becky