COVID-19: Abuja lawyer tests positive, seeks prayers


Popular Abuja layer and blogger, Chychy Chukwu, was on Thursday confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

The lawyer, who has been blogging about her encounter with the virus since Tuesday when she was evacuated to the National Hospital, Abuja, said the result of her samples came out on Thursday and tested positive.

“The result is positive. God over to you,” she wrote under a picture of a health worker attending to her in a Personal Protective Equipment.

Her posts since Tuesday depicted a situation of helplessness, to the extent that she was talking of taking her own life.

In her words: “NCDC evacuated me yesterday (Monday) to Isolation centre, National hospital. My samples have been taken hope it’s negative. But, the pain I feel is unbearable, I can’t breathe. The pain is crushing me. I want to end my life.

“Please, give me my family members, they’re willing to stay with me. You’re making it worse, isolation is worse.

“If I talk here they tell me to calm down, when this is my only outlet from this world apart, that number you gave me to call you in not going, I can’t move.

“Please, send a nurse to my room to help me, please, don’t just give treatment and run, it’s frustrating.

“Bit by bit, no matter how little. Even just a tiny clearer voice is a Miracle.

“I didn’t see this blow coming, not a slightest inkling. ??

“COVID Team, get inside before someone dies here.

“Somebody please, call NCDC to send their team inside the isolation ward now, HELP!

“They’re worlds away from the ward, come in only to give treatment and run.”

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Friends and well-wishers poured in prayers for her quick recovery.