Coronavirus: Italian victim’s health improves


There are indications that the health of the unnamed Italian first carrier of Coronavirus in Nigeria is improving gradually.

Though he was said to have tried to escape from the isolation ward of the Lagos Mainland Hospital at Yaba due to horrible conditions at the facility, he is has been moved to a more conducive place within the complex.

He was visited by the state Commissioner for Health, Prod. Akin Abayomi, on Saturday, after which the government official briefed the media on his condition.

Abayomi said the Italian’s health had improved significantly but he still had a mild fever.

He confirmed a Saturday PUNCH that the Italian had complained about conditions in the initial ward.

He said his condition was being monitored closely so that he would be discharged and reintegrated into the society once he recovers fully.

Abayomi said: “We were renovating part of the facilities, so we kept him in a single isolation room for his privacy, but we’ve subsequently moved him to one of our completed wards, which were recently renovated with the full complement of facilities.

“He is there now and he is comfortable. As of this morning, his condition has improved. He hasn’t developed any new symptoms, but he’s still got a mild fever and we would be running tests to see what the situation is with the virus in his body.”

He said; “He arrived here on Thursday and he has been on supportive treatment and he is actually doing very well.

“As soon as we get a negative screening, then we will keep him for another two or three days and repeat the test to make sure there are no more virus particles in his saliva and that means he will not be contagious again, then we will release him back into the community.”

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