CompexAfrica unveils free online valuation tool for business ecosystem


CompexAfrica, a business exit company that created the first online platform in Nigeria for buying and selling businesses ( last year, has announced the launch of its free online Business Valuation tool for business owners and anyone who wants to have an idea of what buyers could pay for their business.
After several months of intensive development and testing, this user-friendly valuation tool very clearly and concisely walks users through every step of the valuation process.
This enables the user to work out a decent estimate within a few minutes. Also, it is designed to create an estimated market value for a company based upon a diverse set of attributes.

The business owners and buyers are offered the opportunity of having an idea of the value of their business instantly for free by few clicks. The valuation tool is on
According to Ifeoma Uddoh, Chief Operating Officer of CompexAfrica “It’s important for business owners to have an idea about what their business could be worth while talking to a business broker or prospective buyer.
The tool uses the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) method by taking the expected future cash flows and “discounts” them back to the present day, to give a well-argued valuation. Users should ensure they use actual financial data, and they should compare value given with other valuation methods”.
CompexAfrica believes that the launching of the business valuation tool is another significant contribution to the Business Ecosystem in Nigeria.
CompexAfrica received seed money and incubation from Sasware, the technology investment subsidiary of Signal Alliance.
Leveraging on Signal Alliance’s over 20 years’ experience in the tech industry, the company is well positioned to continue to deliver innovative solutions to fill the gaps in Nigeria business environment.
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