CCII urges more awareness on cancer management


A child suffering from cancer
The Children with Cancer Intervention Initiative (CCII) has urged government at all levels to begin to do an appraisal of the level of awareness amongst the citizens with the objective of increasing the quantity and quality of information on the disease.
The coordinator of CCII Global, Honour Onyebuchukwu who made call in Lagos said lack of awareness has been discovered as responsible for most of the other shortcomings in the area of cancer management.
She observed that the top priority in the area of cancer management in the country is to raise awareness and educate the people on how to fight cancer through healthy eating habits and lifestyle, sensitivity to related signs and symptoms, early detection through regular medical checkups and effective management through information on when, where and how to seek for help.

According to her, further actions expected of government are conscious, deliberate and planned action in the area of training and retraining of every cadre of medical personnel involved in cancer management. CCII stressed the need give access to recent research findings and update on cancer treatment and management to medical personnel and improving on the provision of necessary infrastructures in the area of cancer management.
The current theme for World Cancer Day, running from 2016 through 2018 is “We can. I can” and it is to explore how everyone together and individually can do his or her part to reduce the global burden of cancer.
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