Catholic Church backs Kukah

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Hassan Kukah



The Catholic Church has declared its support for the Christmas Day message of its Bishop overseeing the Sokoto Diocese, Most Rev. Hassan Matthew Kukah.

The Catholic Church took its position in a message sent to parishioners nationwide by the Director of Social Communication, Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Mike Umoh, titled: “Bishop Kukah Christmas message: A call in support of truth,” on Monday.

Udoh said: “Very dear brothers and sisters, men and women of good will irrespective of creed, status and tribe. We are quite aware of the 2020 Christmas Message by our revered Bishop Hassan Kukah and the enormous space it has enjoyed on social media and in public sphere. As expected, the agents of evil have gathered to attack the person of the Bishop and to discredit the simple obvious truth of the message. This is the stock in trade of evil people. However, they often succeed when good people: Christians, choose to do nothing.

“I am therefore calling our attention to this new development so that we can all rise in unison and stand for truth.

“The situation in Nigeria no longer allows anyone to sit on the fence, indifference is now a greater form of sin. Everyone must choose and stand up for what he/she believes in.

“The truth about our nation is also that there are only two parties now existing: the good and the evil, the oppressed and the oppressor, the suffering people and the benefiting government officers and their families. Please stop allowing anyone fool you with these cards: religion and tribe.

“I therefore post below the full text of Bishop Kukah’s message and two follow ups to it. You are required to please make positive contributions in support of truth on all platforms available to you. LET US SPEAK UP NOW.

“St. AUGUSTINE said that evil is absence of good. Let us multiply and amplify voices in support of goodness, in order to forestall the reign of evil. God bless you.”