British police arrest Nigerian for instigating genocide against Igbos



The British Police have arrested and granted bail to a Nigerian based in the United Kingdom, Adeyinka Grandson, for calling for the killings of Igbos.

Grandson had made videos on YouTube and a number of posts in the last six years, calling for genocide against Igbos living in South-West Nigeria.

He was arrested at  5:35am on August 6, 2019 by  the Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command for offences related to Terrorism and Public Order Acts.

Grandson called for the killing of Igbos residing in Yoruba land for not voting t”candidate of their choice” during the March 2019 General Election, reports said.

Adeyinka Grandson’s arrest was based on his controversial YouTube videos, Facebook &Tumblr posts and a website linked with the name of the Young Yoruba for Freedom.

Adeyinka was accused of instigating racial discrimination against the Igbo people and for encouraging terrorism all which he denied. He was granted a conditional bail at 9:15  pm on August 6, 2019.

As part of his bail conditions, he cannot access, use, or post on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr or the website linked with the Young Yoruba for Freedom, which of course does not belong to the YYF.

He was directed to report back to the Police station on the September 2, 2019, the reports added.




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