Bauchi: The mistake of a change


Sir: Like many other states in Nigeria, The Buhari Factor and the turbulent of 2015 wind of change elevated many young and unpopular politicians to positions ordinarily beyond their reach. Bauchi State was not an exception. Many only voted for APC and (or) Change; few care to know the personality of who they should vote for. Evident to this fact is the question that went viral immediately after the election of Governor Abubakr; “Who is this after all”?, It won’t be wrong saying the good people of Bauchi State were only driven by the ‘Buhari Factor’ and the popular ‘unfiltered wind of change’ and not the confidence and trust they had in the contestant
Apart from the empty treasury Abubakar said he met after ex-Governor Isa Yuguda, the second headache was how to verify and sanitize the state civil service, a challenge that is still unfulfilled 20 month after assuming office. In March last year, Bauchi State government declared that it had discovered 19,241 ghost workers and saved about N797.46 million from verification. Later, the governor had to apologise and described the exercise as USELESS!, a statement that anger’s many civil servants who wasted their time and money queuing under the rain and in the sun only to be told that their efforts were doomed.

Just a few days after the 2015 general election, a fight started between Abubakar and the federal law makers from the state. Worrisome as it was, more than half of the NASS members are still in loggerheads with the governor including the Speaker of House of Representative, Yakubu Dogara. The contributions of these NASS members in making Abubakar governor cannot be denied though the governor has on several occasions related his grudges with the NASS members to their request for cars and houses for them, it is important to understand the need for a more harmonious synergy between the governor and the NASS members for the betterment of the state and their party.
The present Chaos in the ruling party in Bauchi is not unconnected with the fight among the elephants, apart from the LG fracas rocking the party, the state assembly is in a clear disarray as a result of the fight between the pro-governor and pro-NASS members.
A stitch in time saves nine. Bauchi must grow out of all these. Let development work begin.
Abdulmajid Lawan, wrote from Jos, Plateau State.
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