Aregbesola queries Osun education commissioner for absenteeism


Former Osun State Governor, Rauf Àregbesols, has queried the sitting Commissioner for Education, Oladoyin Bamisayemi, for failing to attend the inauguration of projects at a public school in the state.

The former governor, who is the current minister of Interior, had attended the inauguration of the projects donated by Global Information and Communications Technology company, Huawei, to Ogedengbe School of Science, Ilesa, Osun State, which include toilet, water supply, and laboratory, all aimed at creating an enabling environment for learning.

The Interior minister blasted the commissioner for sending an aide to represent him knowing he will be present at the programme.

While registering his anger, Aregbesola said, on no condition should the commissioner of education be absent from the commissioning of projects under his ministry while a minister from the same political party was present.

He said, “Before I will commission this project, I must say this because it is disrespectful and a sign of unseriousness. I will be blamed for it if I keep mute because I am an elder.

“A minister came from Abuja to a state where our party is ruling to commission project for the ministry of education and the commissioner sent his Personal Assistant.

“This is really bad. Things shouldn’t have to go in this way. A minister from the same party…”

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