Archbishop Idahosa visits Lagos NNPC bishopric, dedicates Word of Faith schools


Presiding Archbishop of Church of God Mission International (CGMi), Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa, has given Nigerians the assurance that the spare if insecurity and fear in the land will soon fade away.

The Archbishop made this declaration during her first apostolic visit to Church of God Mission bishoprics in Lagos on the occasion of the dedication of the Word of Faith Group of Schools.

Idahosa said God’s agenda for Nigeria will stand against all odds.

She said: “I believe in the team that is winning, and I believe that we are winning in the name of Jesus.
“What is right today may be wrong tomorrow.
“I believe for a government to be there, God knows about it.
“That doesn’t mean I belong to APC (All Progressives Congress) or PDP (Peoples Democratic Party).
“I do not belong to any party.
“I believe in progress.
“2025, this country will be full of joy.”

Speaking on the dedication of Word of Faith Group of Schools, the school founded and established by the C.G.M. NNPC bishopric, she said the dedication of the school is a priority, adding: “Education is the mind of development.
“Education is civilisation.
“Any country that looks down on education is ready to be extinct.
“It is not possible to really expand God’s kingdom without education.”

On the proliferation of churches and the increase in corruption, Archbishop Idahosa warned Christians to beware of false prophets who lead the people astray.

She said: “First of all, I want to let you know, where there is original, there are always fakes.

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“Those that know the truth will definitely speak the truth.
“Those that want immediate gratifications must find another way.
“Religion is free.
“Play your own and I am allowed to play mine.

“But I am telling you, as for the Church of God Mission, we believe in God and our motto says: ‘To build men and women into leadership with global passion deeply rooted in Christ.’
“And Christ is the truth.
“We believe in the truth.”

Idahosa noted that it is important that the congregation remains mindful of the year’s theme: “Focus on Christ for Productivity,” explaining that the year’s theme also prompted her visit.

She said: “This is my first apostolic visit to this particular bishopric.
“That is why I’m here.

“To bless them and remind them of this year’s theme, and I believe God is blessing them.”

Before leaving the bishopric, Idahosa urged the ministers and the congregation to continue in their steadfast love for the things of the kingdom of God and for the Church.

She was welcomed by Bishop Sunday Attah, Bishop of Church of God Mission International, Lagos Central; Bishop of C.G.M. NNPC Bishopric; Bishop Mathew Egwowa, Bishop of Lagos; and other ministers of C.G.M. NNPC and members of Lagos State bishoprics.