APO Group appoints Lynne Krawchuk as Vice President of Digital, Public Relations (PR), and Media Relations


APO Group (www.APO-opa.com), the leading Pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service, today announced the appointment of Lynne Krawchuk as Vice President of Digital, PR, and Media Relations.

Lynne will lead APO Group’s consultancy division, helping multinational companies thrive in Africa. In particular, Lynne will focus on building digital strategies and leading creative campaigns that connect APO Group’s customers with media all over Africa and beyond.

Public Relations in Africa is traditionally challenging. There are 54 individual countries with vastly different cultures and media landscapes. APO Group is in the unique position of being able to build a bridge between international business and this diverse African media community.   

Not even the largest global PR Agencies can match APO Group’s reach or depth of contacts in every African country. APO Group has a database of over 450.000 journalists and distributes more than eight million press release emails in Africa every month. In 2020, content