APGA mourns Anambra billionaire Tonimas




The All Progressives Grand Alliance was on Tuesday thrown into mourning with the death of billionaire chieftain, Anthony Enukeme aka Tonimas.

The businessman, who was into a number of ventures, hailed from Neni in Anambra State.

A statement by APGA National Chairman, Chief Victor Ike Oye, reads: “The news hit me like a ballistic missile. I was dazed, shocked and thrown into mental fixation. How can he die like that? I queried. But no answer coming from anywhere.

As I wrote this short tribute my hand was trembling. Tonimas dead? I keep asking. It can’t be. My head swirling and my heart beating in quick succession.

A good man has joined the Saints. Since I met him it has been one good act or another recorded for him. He single handed built a church in his hometown, Neni; celebrated annual yam festival for his people, and gave generously to numerous church and philanthropic causes.

He loved APGA with passion. He attended our last National Convention in Awka where he was elected a BOT member.

Oh, Lord, my God! How do we bear this burden of the loss of one of our pillars?
I can’t continue. I am losing balance. Let me wait till the reality sinks before I can do a more befitting tribute.”




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