Amaechi pays $3k to upgrade ailing man’s wife’s seat on Emirates flight


Immediate past Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, showed his compassionate side on Tuesday as he paid $3000 to upgrade the seat of an ailing man’s wife from Economy to Business class on an Abuja-Dubai flight.

The ailing man, according to his brother, Mu’awiyyah Muye with the handle @MP_Muye on Twitter, wrote: “So my big brother is seriously ill & was on an @Emirates flight from Abuja to Dubai for treatment y/day,.

“He boarded a business class due to his condition while his wife was in economy class, but the wife had to be shuttling from Economy to Business class to check on him and give him medication on the flight, and it happened that the immediate Past Minister of Transport and Ministerial Nominee, Hon. @ChibuikeAmaechi was on the same flight and seated close to my brother.

“He @ChibuikeAmaechi noticed the wife shuttling from Economy to Business class and the toll it was having on her and out of sheer generosity offered to give her his seat in the business class, so he can go back to her seat in the Economy Class.

“But she politely declined and told him it’s not done that way, she doesn’t want to inconvenience him. Right there, Hon. @ChibuikeAmaechi called up the Emirate officials and paid $3,000 cash for my brother’s wife, for her seat to be upgraded to Business she can be close to her ill Husband and take care of him, and still went on to leave his seat for her because he was seated closer to my brother on the flight so she can occupy his seat and took the new space.

“My brother actually asked me to share this story and appreciate that generous gesture, so sir @ChibuikeAmaechi if you are reading this, thank you. We appreciate your kind gesture and compassion.”




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