A letter to the breeds


President Muhammadu Buhari. PHOTO: LUCY LADIDI ELUKPO.
Sir: “When the fire dies the ashes remain; it’s the ashes that give the full testimony of the flames that have been quenched.” Who is running the race of life without retracing the steps taken in order to leave a brighter ashes and not a charcoalic-blacken legacies that ruined rather than rectify the movements of those left behind.
We the Nigerians are blaming and scolding the government for the intricacies and the longer term taken to redress the national issues that needs or demands not the ingenuity and expertise of a single individual (President Muhammad Buhari) but also the divine intervention backed by mutual and stout collective actions (prayers) from the people en masse.
I have also once engaged in criticising the government until I conclusively realise that out of hundred per cent of Nigerians, it is only 15 per cent out of over 170 million peoples are striving, thinking and working on how the beloved country would be better.

Having conversed with the teeming population recently by seating on new breads chambers; listening, hearing and cheaping in when the needs called. It’s rare you come across someone speaking and addressing people on how they should act in order to help adding to the efforts of the government.
They all expects Buhari to reach out to every households and be sharing fortunes, sharing crude oil, falling down miracles from the heaven and building houses, dilapidated roads, bridges, and fixing electricity problems by his own hands.
So, if you want to kill him (PMB) using your putrid and raggy mouth in the media and wheresoever, then, persist in the act but the sad news for you is that we love our president so dearly, for he has proven diligently to the world how readily he is in seeing the justice, fairness, transparency and accountability in this country.
What message of wisdom have you sent to the world or better still, what acts of goodness have you taken in precedent that might serves as a measures towards the rectification of the entangled nightmares and a bunches of criminals (new, old, low, high and whatever breeds) called politicians, have you stopped by your stoutish defence for justice?
It’s totally irreconcilable, inconsiderate and an ocean of irresponsibility for someone to kick not in support of the government such as this (Buhari’s administration) and take a sledgehammer to pull down the movements such as we have not tasted for the past some decades ago.
For the betterments of our country we must renounced the habits, stand not against justice and fairness. The fueling flames of equitableness must be uphold, be responsible, striving not strife should be for the goodness for all.
Bad mouthing, drawing-the-lips-in-scolding-and-seathing should not be a thing to boost the progression but rather rapidated the regression.
Muhammad Baba Haruna, IBB University, Lapai-Niger State.
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