Coronavirus: Do this and you’re safe


Yes that’s true, it can attack it, but it won’t do you any harm if your
immunity is high.

I’m sure by now, you’ve seen the statistics and know the leading cause
of death in this pandemic is an underlying illness that compromises the
immune system.

In simple terms a depressed immunity is the major cause of death from
the covid-19 virus.

I’ll tell you some of these underlying diseases, but first let’s understand
the immune system and how it works.

We all know that every country has borders, and at the borders, we have
soldiers and immigration officers monitoring who goes in and who comes

We also know that these soldiers are ready to attack if any alien attacks
the country.

Our immune system does the same thing.

It is our body’s defense system.

The borders or barriers to strange organisms like bacteria, fungi and viruses
are our skin, mucus lining and white blood cells.

If for any reason these barriers are crossed, our body’s defense mechanism
triggers certain responses to fight off the alien infection

Some of the responses include
– mobilizing more immune cells,
– increasing the body temperature
– Secreting some powerful acids
– Activating some enzymes
– Triggering phagocytes(cell eating cells)
– Causing free radicals to be formed

And some more responses which may be to scientific to break down to you.

Though by now you get the picture.

For the immune system to effectively do the listed things above and many
other things mentioned, you and I need to do the next 6 things I will mention
below on a consistent basis.

1. Avoid processed foods
2. Eat fruits and vegetables daily
3. Exercise
4. Work on your gut health(I’ll give more details in another post)
5. Stress Management
6. Fear management

I’m sure you’re wondering how do I do all these things especially now that
I’m at home and I didn’t even buy fruits and vegetables.

Where do I start from.

That’s why we are here.

I will show you how in tomorrow’s mail.

And also I will talk about how to make your own sanitizers tomorrow.

A few of you still need the prevention kits. Thankfully medical supplies can
still be delivered even during the lockdown, so if you need sanitizers, gloves,
an immune booster, vitamin C. To get them though, you have to be in Lagos.

If you’re outside of Lagos and you need it still let us know. We will do our
best to help.

In the mean time stay safe.
– Keep a social distance
– Sneeze and cough into your elbow
– If you notice you have a dry cough, feel feverish and have difficulty in breathing call the appropriate center in your state
– Drink lots of water

Take all the necessary precautions

I almost forgot, illnesses that Immunity is depressed include heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, lung disease, thyroid disease.

If you fall into any of these groups and you want to know what to do to protect yourself especially at this time, I will address that also in the coming mails.

Talk to you tomorrow

Your legal doc
Dr Becky

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Please share. Knowledge is key in fighting this pandemic.