Ekiti School’s Alumni Seek N60m Ransom For Kidnapped Secretary


Christ’s School Ado Ekiti Alumni Association has embarked on a desperate bid to raise 6N0 million ransom demanded by the kidnappers of their Secretary-General, Mr. Ayo Oladele.

He was kidnapped between Efon Alaaye and Iwaraja a few days ago by unknown gunmen.

A statement from the alumni association reads: “Distinguished members, the Secretary General of Christ’s School Alumni Association, Mr. Ayo Oladele was kidnapped by unknown gunmen along Efon Road in the past 48 hours and the kidnappers are requesting a ransom of N60m. Efforts are going on to salvage the situation and save his lIfe. Each Set is asked to contribute minimum of N500,000 towards the initiative for his release. I wish to ask for members contribution towards the urgent call. I will attach all the details asap.

Jadesola Tai Babatola
National Treasurer and 80/85 Set Chairman,
Christ’s School Alumni Association”



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