Sudan’s Military Leaders, Protesters Resume Talks


On Saturday, the Alliance for Freedom and Change -an umbrella for the protest movement -said the generals had invited it for a new round of talks after several days of deadlock.

“The meeting was planned for today but it has now been postponed to Monday,” alliance spokesman Rashid al-Sayed said.

Sayed did not explain why the talks were postponed, but sources in the alliance said that more time was needed for consultations within the leadership.

Late on Sunday the spokesman for the ruling military council, Lieutenant General Shamseddine Kabbashi, confirmed the new round of talks will be held on Monday.

The talks are being held in an “optimistic atmoshphere,” Kabbashi said in a statement, adding that the negotiations aimed “to reach an agreement over the arrangements of the transitional period”.

The latest planned round of talks come as thousands of protesters remain camped outside the army headquarters.



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