Tips For Pregnant Working Women


First off, don’t be upset with yourself, your body is demanding much more from you as its producing new cells at a rapid rate. Hence it’s demanding more from you.

Now, you’re building your career woman, you’ve got to go to work. You’ve got deadlines to meet. You’ve got clients to satisfy who you can’t give an excuse to and you may even have other kids and family members to take care of. With all this its no wonder that staying awake in the morning can be an almost impossible feat.

We doctors don’t make it easy as we start telling you don’t take this or that and no coffee. So how on earth are you expected to stay awake, alert and productive with all this activity going on around and inside you.

We just have to find ways to take care of you and still make sure you’re giving your best and it starts by commanding your mornings. Making sure that the sleep bug doesn’t get the better of you at the beginning of the day.

So here is the first one

1. Lemon water: This does two things. It helps with nausea and gives you a jolt. Now if water nauseates you then cut a lemon in two and keep licking it. Its keeping you alert and giving you vitamin c.

So how do you prepare it?

Get a cup of hot water and squeeze ½ of a lemon or lime into it. If you have some honey, add, to help you enjoy the lemon zest.

2. Snacks: One of the reasons why you’re drowsy in the morning is that your glucose level is low. So always keep snacks handy. Now not pastries but things like apples, bananas, oranges and you can cut up other fruits like pineapple and watermelon.

It’s much easier to hold a bunch of bananas or oranges with you and reach for them anytime you need.

Another great snack is nuts every nut asides groundnut is great. So walnuts, tigernuts, cashew nuts, almonds are great and once you feel sleepy toss them in your mouth they’ll give you that early morning jolt that you need.

These Nuts also help to supply your body with magnesium which is one of the necessary minerals your body needs and many women lack, deficiency in it can show up as fatigue and tiredness.

3. Tea: Yes your regular black tea can be taken at this time. One tip though, you can flavour it with some lime or lemon that will make it easier to enjoy

4. Smoothies: During this period make it a habit to have a blend of fruits and veggies every day with you at work. You’ll be getting vitamins, minerals and an infusion of glucose for energy into your system

Now all these don’t work like coffee but they help.

In addition to this it’s important at this time, that you get adequate rest. That could be another reason why you’re tired. You will probably have to cut off at least an hour of your regular activities, so you can get an extra hour of sleep.

It’s  important you do this as the period of sleep is when your body rejuvenates itself. A lot goes on during sleep time that is vital to the growth and development of your child so don’t ignore or push yourself till you can’t get enough sleep.

It’s ok sometimes to get a 15 mins or 20 mins nap during your lunch break. Don’t feel guilty sometimes after using all the tips that’s the only thing that would work for you.

Here are a few more alternatives to coffee for you. They are all not common that’s why I’m not focusing on them.

  1. Rooibos tea
  2. Hot cacao
  3. Chai tea
  4. Turmeric tea
  5. Pomegranate juice
  6. Macha tea

So I hope these help.


It’s Your Legal Doc

Dr Becky


Its important you discuss with your doctor, on what to take instead of coffee. Any of the suggestions I’ve given here should be run by him or her, so you get customized care and expert opinion for your health and your baby’s health.


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