Cardi B Addresses Nicki Minaj’s Shade


Despite the claim of being all about peace, the beef between female rappers, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B is far from over.
In Tekashi 6ix9ine’s track MAMA featuring Minaj off his recently leaked album, fans have said that she was dissing Cardi. There are claims that she insinuates, on her verse, that Cardi gets her career hype from industry players because she gives sexual favours and she also mentions Spain.

Trust Cardi B, she took to Instagram Live to address the issue:
“Nah, I never f*cked a deejay on God. I dealt with scammers. Drug dealers. I’ve dealt with some bum a*s n*ggas but I never f*cked me a deejay. I know what y’all gonna ask me and I addressed this a whole lot of times, ‘Didn’t you f*ck Self?’ No, I never f*cked Self. I never been in a relationship with Self. I never flirted with Self.”

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#CardiB responds to #Nickiminaj’s line on ‘MAMA’ on #6ix9ine’s album #DummyBoy, Nicki said “Never having to give a rap producer head”
A post shared by “Von” (@djvontv) on Nov 26, 2018 at 5:53am PST

“I was out in Spain rockin’ a Medusa head/I ain’t never have to give a rap producer head/If I do though, I’ma write a book like Supahead/This ain’t wonder that I’m making, this that super bread/Splish, splash, fuck him in a hurry, quick, fast.”
Now, here is the problem, Minaj talks about Spain but does not mention a DJ or Cardi’s name.


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