Adeyeri blasts proponents of ‘not too young to run’


Founder of Flobal Trust Limited, Mr. Abayomi Adeyeri*Youths lament exclusion by political parties
Founder of Flobal Trust Limited, Mr. Abayomi Adeyeri, has described the ‘not too young to run’ campaign as a misplaced priority for Nigerian youths.
Adeyeri said this during his 50th birthday celebration and presentation of his book, Multiple Bold Steps, in Akure, Ondo State.He disagreed with the clamour that the young ones should be afforded the opportunity to rule, arguing that the country has not developed to that level.
“Unfortunately, we have not reached the stage in Nigeria where the young ones can begin to play politics and compete effectively with those older generation.
“The reason is not far-fetched; the young ones don’t have the capacity in terms of structures and the money to run a successful campaign. Therefore, how do you want them to succeed?” the banker said.
Meanwhile, young Nigerians who declared interest in politics have lamented the lack of support from their political parties to run for offices in 2019.
Despite the recent campaign from young people, the chances of them joining the country’s policy-makers appear very thin.Award-winning public speaker, Dayo Israel, one of the strong voices behind the campaign for the reduction of age qualification to enable younger political aspirants run for offices, at the Young Achievers’ annual conference recently, said that Nigerian youths were willing to get involved in politics, but were being sidelined by their political platforms.
“The young people have responded to the call and have nominated themselves to participate in politics, but political parties and governments at all levels are yet to open their arms to accept us,” he lamented. Dayo, who attempted to contest the chairmanship of Lagos Mainland Council under the All Progressives Congress (APC), said he was not given opportunity to participate in any primary.


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