Urhobo man in focus as Temienor-Vincent’s eBook debuts


Communication specialist and writer, Linda Temienor-Vincent recently released her first eBook titled ‘This Journey Called Life’ on the OkadaBooks app. The book, which belongs to the fiction genre, is set in the mid-western region of Nigeria in the 70s and tells the story of a rib-tickling young Urhobo man and his transition from a rural community to Lagos metropolis.
Several parts of the book contain hilarious scenes describing some gestures unique to the Urhobo community and common cultural features that cut across the southern region of Nigeria. It is an interesting read and brings memories of occupations and corporations strongly recognised at the period in Nigeria.
Temienor-Vincent, the author, is reaping from her 15 years of writing experience from serving across the travel, FMCG, financial, oil & gas, fashion and media industries. She emphasised the importance of celebrating the male character and has dedicated her eBook to this.
According to her, “we celebrate our women, mothers more than we celebrate our men and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. The challenge though is that the same way we celebrate the females is the same way we berate the females thereby creating an imbalance in society.”
She hopes that in celebrating and focusing on the male character, celebrated front-runners such as teachers, parents, religious leaders and life coaches would start to re-examine their craft to create a balanced society. The author also introduced a new word into the Nigerian lexicon, ‘Haggadist’.
The eBook ‘This Journey Called Life’ is available on the OkadaBooks platform. To know the meaning of the new word ‘Haggadist’ and experience laughing moments, buy and download the eBook with 10 per cent of author’s sales going into sending children from the slums back to school.


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