Obaro of Kabba receives staff of office


Presentation of Staff of Office to the Obaro of Kabba, His Royal Majesty Oba Solomon Dele Owoniyi, Obaro Otitoleke Oweyomade I, by Gov Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, yesterday in Kabba. PHOTO: JOHN AKUBO
The ancient town of Kabba came alive at the weekend as the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello presented staff of office to the newly installed Obaro of Kabba, His Royal Majesty, Oba Solomon Dele Owoniyi, Obaro Otitoleke Oweyomade I, as the 8th Obaro from the Ijemu royal family and 44th from the Kabba Royal family.
The coronation of the monarch came almost two years after the demise of Oba Michael Olobayo who joined his ancestors on the 16th May 2016.
At the event, the newly installed Obaro called for unity and peaceful coexistence among the people of Kabba.
He said: “I want to seize this opportunity to thank the people for their support and at the same time call for continue peaceful coexistence among my peoples as we are one indivisible people.“We have no other place to call our own, except this town and I will continue to engage in those things that will strengthen the unity of Kabba.”
The Obaro who is the Chairman, Okun Traditional Rulers Council, was an editor with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and a retired custom officer who left the service after 27 years of meritorious service.
He is also now the Secretary of Kogi State Traditional Rulers Council.At the installation ceremony, the governor urged the people on Okunland to allow peace to reign in Okunland and its environment.


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