Flash: Nigerians foil Buhari’s ‘coup’ against National Assembly


Nigerians are being alerted to sinister plans by President Muhammadu Buhari to ‘overthrow’ the leadership of the National Assembly and foist his own errand boys on the legislature.

Ahead of a meeting of the National Assembly leadership with the chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Prof. Mahmoud Yaqub, scheduled for noon on Tuesday, masked security agents were deployed in the complex to block the gates and frustrate the meeting.

They were, however, exposed when Nigerians raised the alarm about the sinister move.

The plan was to break into the chambers and install a new Senate leadership.

Earlier, at a meeting of some All Progressives Congress srnatirs in Abuja, they couldn’t agree on how to proceed with the.plan.

They reasoned that since many APC srnatirs had travelled abroad, they couldn’t muster the 74 senators needed to impeach Saraki.

Some warned APC leaders against instigating a ‘coup’ to remove Saraki.

But some renegades saud the plan.must go ahead, irrespective of the expected backlash at home and abroad.

They reasoned that if the plan fails today, it would never succeed.

As such, there were reports of shootings at the complex and unusual movements of soldiers, policemen and Department for Stare Services agents in Abuja.

However, some courageous lawmakers, who got wind of the evil plot, raced to the National Assembly and foiled the plan.

They confronted the masked men and asked them to leave the area immediately.

Nigerians are already mobilising to resist the sinister attempt by the Buhari administration to take over the legislature.

Buhari is currently in London on a 10-day leave, which is believed to have been planned to provide an excuse for the illegal action.

He purportedly handed over to Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, a professor of law.


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