NEMA to Nigerian youths: Travel abroad through legal means


National Emergency Management Agency on Thursday advised youths trying to travel abroad to ensure that tgry use regular ways of migration to any country of their choice rather than endanger their lives with irregular migration and smuggling through perilous routes.

The South West Zonal Coordinator of NEMA, Alh. Yakubu Suleiman made the appeal on Thursday evening while receiving another batch of 162 stranded Nigerian youths in Libya at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport.

He pointed out that migration has been part of human life from time of creation for different reasons, though it is not mandatory of intended host country to accept the migration based on the country’s national policies.

Every economically viable countries like Nigeria are having its shares of socio-economic and security challenges; respective nations are grappling with its own shares.
The primary responsibility of every government is to cater and safeguard its national interests and welfare of its citizens first before considering others.
Thus, "Nigerian youths seeking greener pastures outside the shores of this country should know that they would become second citizens in their host countries except for those who entered such country through regular means that may possibly have limited rights".
The Zonal Coordinator who represented the Director General of the Agency, Engr Mustapha Maihajja, therefore, implored the youths not to be fooled by traffickers who falsely promise greater fortune in foreign lands but ended up pun in the chessboard of the traffickers without opportunity to seek redress at the time.
Therefore, Engr. Maihajja admonished the youths to look inward and maximize their potentials in developing this country to the level of their expectations as the present administration is posed at ensuring that enabling environment that can enhance individual contributions to national development are being put in place for the betterment of all.
Cases of outright smuggling human beings are abound with youths paying agents/tracfikkers huge amount of money to smuggle them into another country ended up being victims of the agents’ greed and exploitation.
Maihajja on behalf of the Federal Government was highly appreciative of efforts of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) who has continously being supportive to the migrants and the European Union supporting the reintegration process.
The flight with registration number 5A-DMG arrived at 9:56 pm with 162 Voluntary Returnees including 3 minor medical cases with 83 female adults including 15 pregnant women, 6 female children and 6 female infants. Others included 62 male adults, 2 male children and 3 male infants.
NRrating her ordeals, Amina Adeniyi, 19 from Owo, Ondo State expressed regret for embarking on the journey, I paid money to be smuggled into Germany with assistance from my family members.
Though I was enticed with the story of securing better life in the Europe but I regretted to the level that I prayed to God to take my life.
Before I left Owo, I was told that my International Passport would be given to me in Kano but this was not the case.
There was no going back for us, we were 13 altogether.
No one could ask questions from our agents as we were handed over to another who took us across the desert.
It was God that saved to survive the deadly journey.
About 4 girls died in the hilux pick up that were asked to join others
The worst experience was the type of work I was forced to do.
I had to obey all instructions from connection man and failure to obey him is that I will be sold out.

really regretted paying for my ordeals.
I really thank God for His mercy and protection over me that I can see Nigeria again.

"I don’t know how I explain my experience or to advice those seeking to take that route rather than to tell them I don’t pray for my enemies to suffer the ordeal that I went through.


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