Football: Why English transfer window was shifted


This summer’s English transfer window will close on August 9, 2019, more than three weeks earlier than usual.

The window opened on May 17, 2018 and there have been plenty of big-money deals already, with Manchester City and Liverpool paying £60m or more for Riyad Mahrez and Alisson respectively.

Even in a World Cup summer, Premier League clubs voted to make the window shorter this year.

So where do we all stand this summer?

When does the transfer window close?

Usually the English summer transfer window closes at the end of August, but this year the official deadline has been set at 17:00 BST on Thursday, 9 August.

That means all Premier League and English Football League clubs must complete transfer deals to buy players before the top-flight season starts on Saturday, 11 August.

The EFL season is set to begin a week before on 4 August and clubs outside the top flight will still be able to sign unregistered players and loanees until 31 August.

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey said: "This new approach will give clubs and managers the stability they crave earlier in the season while also providing the flexibility to add to their squads after the traditional deadline until the end of month if required."

What about the rest of Europe?

While the FA has moved the goalposts for English clubs, Fifa’s official deadline remains Friday, 31 August.

The Premier League’s move means that while English clubs will be able to sell players until the end of August, buying activity will cease on 9 August.

Italy also has a new deadline – Friday, August 17 – the day before Serie A begins.

The top leagues in Spain, Germany and France – as well as Scotland – all keep a transfer deadline of August 31.

Why change it?

The move comes after all 72 EFL clubs moved in line with the Premier League, who voted in September 2017 in favour of closing the window before their season starts.

Managers have complained that signing players once the season is under way causes disruption to their squads and preparations.

However, the vote was not unanimous, and clubs will still be able to sell players until the end of the normal window.


Photo: Alisson


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