Nigeria needs divine intervention – IBB

Former military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, on Thursday in Minna, Niger State said divine intervention would deliver Nigeria from its numerous challenges.

In a statement he personally signed to mark the commencement of Ramadan, the former president called for prayers to turn Nigeria around.

It reads: “I join all to congratulate  Muslims in Nigeria and across  the world for seeing yet another  Ramadan month,  it brings to note the transient nature of  the world with the realization that  some people we observed the month with last year and many years back are no longer there this year,  so we have this and many more reasons to thank Allah swt for his mercy to be alive to witness this holy month.

We are no doubt face with various challenges at personal  and National levels but we are always  strong and believing in divine intervention to always  take us through  the right path with prayers to find solutions to our challenges.

I therefore enjoined Muslims to conduct themselves very well during the holy month in order to maximize the spiritual and physical benefits inherent in the fasting period for us to  surmount our challenges at all levels and premises of life..

I’m of the strong conviction  that with preserverence,  good intention, prayers , fairness and firmness of purpose in the pursuit of good deeds  preserverence Allah swt will make us benefit from the rewards and blessings inherent in the Holy month

I enjoin Muslim Ummah and scholars to pray and preach in order that all Muslims  will in this month accord  Ramadan as an important pillar of Islam  with the needed devotion  for the good of the religion,  humanity  and the society  at large.”



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