Hoodlums attack Abuja editor


Hoodlums suspected to be of Northern origin on Sunday attacked the Editor-in-Chief of Crimescope international magazine and security columnist with The Sun newspaper, Mr. Ben Okezie, around the National Stadium, Abuja.

Okezie said in a Facebook post that his SUV had developed a fault and he asked his driver to go and find a solution to it.

Whole he was waiting for his driver to return, he said a hooum speaking with a Hausa accent appeared on the scene and challenged him to produce all his money.a and telephones.

He said he punched the crominal, who was armed with a dangerous weapon in the eyes and pinned him down while calling for help.

Unknown to him, two others were lurking around.

He said the other criminals then pounced on him and stabbed him repeatedly with a dagger before fleeing with their injured colleague when they realised that Okezie was bleeding heavily.

Lexie said a passing motorist offered to rush him in his blood-soaked white attire to the National Hospital, Abuja where they were told that health workers were on strike.

He said some doctors took up his case as they realised he had a cut vein that resulted in the blood flow.

They swiftly stitched the injury and transferred him to a private hospital.



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