Again, Fulani herdsmen kill 25 in Plateau


Fulani herdsmen in Monday night shot and killed 25 persons who were returning from an event in Zirshe Dundu in Bassa Local Government Area in Plateau State.

The herdsmen also taxed down houses.

The people of the area were preparing to bury four persons allegedly hacked to death by Fulani herdsmen when the latest attack happened.

Spokesman for Operation Safe Haven, Major Adam Umar, confirmed the incident, saying the military would take appropriate action against the murderers.

He said: “This morning, the locals came round to collect the deceased for burial and we provided them security. We are astounded by this series of attacks because Operation Safe Haven has been holding peace meetings with the critical stakeholders. Despite dialogues and deployment of the military to various communities, the attacks continue unabated.

“The dramatis personae, in spite of everything, still take the laws into their hands. We will ensure that maximum security is provided and those responsible for the serial killings are brought to justice.”

The people of the area meanwhile alleged that there was a sinister agenda by Fulani to exterminate the Irigwe ethnic nationality.

President of Irigwe Development Association, Sunday Abdu, who spoke at the burial of the 25 viftims, said: “In continuation of that avowed determination to eliminate the Irigwe race, the Fulani herdsmen have continually unleashed mayhem on our communities, killing, maiming, burning and destroying farmlands.

“Since January this year, we have continually picked the corpses of our loved ones, sometimes burnt beyond recognition from night attacks by Fulani herdsmen militia. Some are killed in their homes, some on their farms, and others on their way home from places of leisure and business.

“We have noted with dismay certain comments on mainstream and social media by the Miyyeti Allah group, and we have had cause to debunk some of them as outright lies designed to justify the orgy of killings by their militia. Perhaps more worrisome is a video in circulation by a certain cleric, Sawtul-Hikmah, which purports that even security personnel of their religious extraction must do the biddings of their religion.

“Comments such as these send a clear message on what to expect from security personnel, and leave one wondering if indeed anyone is safe in our land. With this therefore, any failure on the side of security personnel will be viewed as an orchestration of this mandate. This is bad for our country. Such people ironically, are walking freely.”

At the tension-soaked event, he added: “Worst of all was the comment of the Christian Association of Nigeria chairman during the Presidential Town Hall Meeting where instead of telling the president how the church was daily losing its population to senseless attacks by Fulani herdsmen, he chose to eulogise the state government for the payment of salaries which has made the church richer.

“Friends, here is a question that begs for answers. What good is a salary that might only be used to bury one’s family members killed by herdsmen? We therefore advise the Plateau State government to stop the propaganda and take proactive steps at ending the annihilation of Irigwe people, whose significance is only to be considered in the coming elections.”


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