Breaking: ANC leaders prepare for Zuma’s exit

Leaders of the African National Congress prepared on Monday morning for the final stage of pressure on South African President, Jacob Zuma, to resign.

The party scheduled a meeting of its National Executive Committee at its national headquarters where its leaders are expected to ask Zuma to resign

Ahead of the meeting, Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, arrived at the party’s headquarters around 9am GMT.

There is talk of a negotiated exit, which may include immunity from prosecution.

Zuma has been under pressure to resign since December 2017 under a deluge of corruption allegations.

Zuma has virtually lost control of his government and there have been demands for him to quit.

Ahead of the meeting, ANC top member, Tokyo Sexwale, said the interest of the nation woukd override any sentimental considerations.

He told South African Broadcasting Service that though Zuma was highly valued by the leadership, the interest of the nation would be put first.

Though the party cannot kick him out, it can put pressure on the Parliament to pass a vote of no confidence in him and impeach him.

More details later.


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