RED to fight AIDS

RED has announced a new operational partnership with Africans for Africa (A4A) to bring a
number of new Africa-based companies into the fight against AIDS.

Created to mobilise impact-driven African companies, Africans for Africa’s new partnership with (RED) will focus on
engaging companies to generate money to fight AIDS through the Global Fund.

At the same
time, (RED)’s expansion in Africa will be supported by existing partners, The Coca-Cola
Company and SAP.

(RED)’s work with global and local companies that are deeply entrenched with
African consumers will expand the organization’s ability to generate private sector financing for
the critical work of the Global Fund.

It’s a significant milestone for (RED) which was launched in
2006 at the World Economic Forum in Davos, and has since become the largest private sector
contributor to the AIDS fight, having delivered more than half a billion dollars to the Global

Deb Dugan, CEO, (RED), said: ‘It’s been 12 years since (RED) was first announced here in Davos.
With over $500 million contributed to the Global Fund and more than 110 million people
impacted, (RED) is now embarking on its next major chapter – using the power and ingenuity of
African companies, organizations and consumers to help end AIDS.

If we are to get the job done, we all need to up our game and be as innovative as possible to wipe this deadly virus from the planet.

Huge thanks to (RED)’s new and existing partners for their leadership on this

Peter Sands, Incoming Executive Director of the Global Fund said: “There is no more important time now to engage the African economy in helping to end this epidemic for good. We’re so
grateful to (RED) for continuously pushing in new directions, underscoring our public-private
partnership to save millions of lives.”

Julie Essiam, Africans for Africa’s Founding Partner, said: “We’re very excited about our new partnership with (RED). It’s exactly the kind of smart, entrepreneurial model that suits African

“It is now more urgent than ever for us to use the power of the private sector to
help us finish the AIDS fight on the continent, and around the world.
As an operational partner, A4A looks forward to bringing African partners to (RED). We’ve made so much progress in this
fight that complacency is a risk – and not winning is not an option.”

(RED) partners with the world’s most iconic brands to help deliver a sustainable flow of private
sector money to the Global Fund.

The companies listed below will support (RED)’s expansion
into Africa in the following ways:

o AFRICANS FOR AFRICA: Created to mobilize impact-driven African companies to
lead the sustainable development of Africa, Africans for Africa will partner with
(RED) to rally the private sector behind the AIDS fight.

o THE COCA-COLA COMPANY: As one of the largest employers in Africa,
The Coca-Cola Company continues to support the AIDS fight in the following
ways; through innovative solutions deployed through Project Last Mile
partnership with the Global Fund, USAID and the Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation; through its long-term partnership with (RED) which began in 2011,
and has, to date, contributed more than $15 million to the Global Fund.

o SAP: SAP, a proud partner of (RED) since 2012, has generated more than $6M to
Global Fund HIV/AIDS grants in the Kingdom of Swaziland. Today, SAP
announced the extension of their support through 2019 with a focus on
increasing awareness about the HIV epidemic and communicating the lifesaving
impact that comes from innovative and strategic public private partnerships.
About (RED)
(RED) was founded in 2006 to engage businesses and people in the fight against AIDS. (RED) partners
with the world’s most iconic brands that contribute procceds from (RED)-branded goods and services to
the Global Fund. (RED) Proud Partners include: Apple, Bank of America, Beats by Dr. Dre, Belvedere,
Claro, The Coca-Cola Company, MCM, Salesforce, SAP, Starbucks and Telcel. (RED) Special Edition
partners include: aden+anais, Alessi, ALEX AND ANI, Andaz, Fatboy USA, Fully, Girl Skateboards, Le
Creuset, Nickelodeon, Mophie, S’well and Vespa.
To date, (RED) has generated more than $500 million for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and
Malaria, to support HIV/AIDS grants in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland,
Tanzania and Zambia. 100 percent of that money goes to work on the ground – no overhead is taken.

Global Fund grants that (RED) supports have impacted more than 110 million people with prevention,
treatment, counseling, HIV testing and care services.


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