Fans take sides as Nwankwo Kanu’s wife, brother fight

Fa a of Nigerian football legend, Nwankwo Kanu, are exchanging barbs over the fight between his wife, Amara, and younger brother, Ogbonna.

Some days ago, Amara attacked Ogbonna on Instagram after he posted a comment and ticket to a Leeds game.

Ogbonna had posted: “Leeds united game today. am there live.” (sic)

Amara hit the comments section, accusing him of taking her son’s ticket and calling him names.

She accused him of being the source of unease in her home.

She stated: “You are a coward and liar. That’s my sons ticket. He was supposed to follow his dad to the Leeds game today but no. You have never allowed Kanu to be in peace with his family. You tried that with me all these years thinking I will die and now you want to come near my children. You can’t. You won’t. Oloshi oloriburuku. Borrow pose. @ogbobekee1, don’t mess with my children’s things or their dad.” (sic).”

However, his fans split into two camps, with some in suppprt of Amara and others rooting for Ogbonna.

Here are some of the comments:

i_am_thebiggestbossI I have said my own.careless about comment or likes, amara is too big for this nonsense drama.’d av dealt with her if she is my wife, nonsense

unique_engee Please @ogbobekee1 don’t join issues with your brothers wife and don’t reply her on social media. Please learn to ignore. Wishing you and Laura the very best

aniveraaaaaNA wao amara kanu,u no just try person husband and person papa..

[email protected]_vida my sister serious last warning, inlaws like ds Wil finish Amaka if kanu no dey, she should be wise cos the sign is very clear

uz_nonyeMadam concluder(you know ursef) , how are you sure of her story? How are you sure she wasn’t lying? How are you sure the ticket wasn’t his really? #Concludists ???


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