Lassa fever kills two doctors, nurse, patient in Ebonyi

Two doctors have reportedly died after contracting the deadly Lassa fever virus at the Federal Teaching Hospital in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

A source at the hospital told Metrostarng that the doctors succumbed to Lassa Fever after operating unsuspectigly on a patient for tonsillectomy.

The patient and a nurse also died, according to the source.

Two doctors and a nurse who akso had contact with the patient are in a critical condition.

They have been transferred to the Irrua Specialist Hospital in Edo State for further medical attention.

Lassa fever can be picked through contact with rat droppings or urine.

It is also contracted through careless handlibg of garri by local cassava processors.

In some areas where it is endemic, the people are said to consume bush rats as a delicacy.

Metrostarng learnt that two years ago, 23 health workers in the neonatal unit of the Abakaliki hospital got infected with Lassa fever, out of which one died.

Three health workers lost their pregnancies while two had kidney damage, Metrostarng learnt.

Ebonyi State is one of the states where Lassa fever is endemic.


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