Post-Mugabe era: Return home and invest, ZANU-PF urges Zimbabweans


Following the resignation of President Robert Gabriel Mugabe as president of Zimbabwe, the ruling ZANU-PF on Tuesday urged Zimbabweans in the Diaspora to return home and invest in its floundering economy.

The party issued the plea few minutes after Mugabe’s resignation was announced in Parliament.

It also warned Zimbabweans against insulting and mocking the former president, who left power after 37 years of running the Southern African nations with an iron fist.

It said Zimbabwe’s culture forbids insulting elders and as such, the people should resist from ridiculing the 93-year-old former president.

There were indications that Mugabe would likely be given a soft landing in retirement.

This would include a generous retirement package and immunity from prosecution at the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against his people.

His sacked former deputy, Emmerson Mnagngagwa, is expected to be sworn in today to complete Mugabe’s term by 2018 when elections are scheduled to hold.

If 75-year-old Mnagngagwa runs in 2018, he will be restricted to a maximum of three terms of six years each.

However, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change is clamouring for sweeping changes in the nations leadership as well as early elections.

There is also a general clamour for younger Zimbabweans to emerge as candidates and give the nation a new lease of life.

The economy has been in a poor shape since the currency was devalued by one billion per cent some years ago.

All over Zimbabwe on Tuesday, jubilant crowds celebrated the exit if ine of Africa’s longest-serving rulers.

Crowds poured into pubs and danced on the streets, hugging, back-slapping and exchanging kisses as they celebrated the exit of the dictator.

The incoming acting president would need to build his own team as members of the G40 Cartel, as Mugabe’s cabinet was known, have been swept away in the recent purge.

Mugabe has initially resisted pressure to step down but caved in on Tuesday when Parliament began proceedings to impeach him.

South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma is believed to have played a major role in getting Mugabe to quit.

Mugabe’s dramatic exit has now turned the focus on other African dictators such as Yoweri Museveni (Uganda); Paul Biya (Cameroon); Jose Eduardo dos Santos (Angola); Theodoro Obiang Mbasogo (Equatorial Guinea); Ali Bongo (Gabon); and Paul Kagame (Rwanda).

Bashir Sudan Zimbabweans
Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir

Others are Isaias Afewerki (Eritrea); Omar Ali Bashir (Sudan); and Meles Zenawi (Ethiopia).


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